Sep 07, 2017
Department of Health and Disaster Management – Florida Department of Health (DOH)

The State of Florida must be prepared to respond quickly and effectively on a 24-hour basis to developing events. All State agencies and volunteer organizations, that comprise the State Emergency Response Team, are grouped into 18 Emergency Support Functions (ESF) to carry out coordination and completion of assigned missions. These functions represent specific response activities[…]

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Aug 22, 2017
What is Predictive Data?

As technology grows its roots into new areas of development, a specific branch of advanced analytics is catching the eye of many, predictive analytics. The idea of predictive analytics stems from the use of past data sets in order to make predictions of future events. But what exactly is predictive analytics, and what can it[…]

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Aug 03, 2017
Partner Spotlight – Esri

Esri is the developer of ArcGIS®, the most powerful mapping software in the world. ArcGIS® connects people with maps, data, and apps through geographic information systems (GIS). It is a location platform that’s accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Being a partner of Esri, and with the help of its flagship solution ArcGIS®,  EPIC is able[…]

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