Integrated Infrastructure Intelligence®

Integrated Infrastructure Intelligence®

One of the biggest challenges faced by infrastructure management agencies such as water and wastewater utilities, public works, departments of transportation, airports, schools and local governments is the ability to make data-driven decisions. Data is collected, tracked and stored in multiple software systems and spreadsheets that make it burdensome to generate analytics and develop “intelligence” from the data. Important decisions such as where to invest budgets for renewal and replacement as well as capital improvements for the best return on investment may be made with partial or disconnected information that is spread across silos in various organizational units.

Project coordination across different departments within the organization is also a challenging task as there may be a lack of coordinated project planning and development across the departmental boundaries. Consequently, it is not uncommon to see projects being implemented with inefficient scheduling. This may result in newly built infrastructures such as roads being torn up for projects such as pipeline upgrades or capital expansion.

Integrated Infrastructure Intelligence®

EPIC’s Integrated Infrastructure Intelligence® services enable our clients to break down the traditional challenges associated with silos and disconnected processes.  EPIC delivers business consulting services including business process mapping, process optimization and business process engineering applying our Integrated Infrastructure Intelligence® (i3) methodology.  This holistic approach for assessing and optimizing business processes associated with the planning, design, construction and maintenance activities of your organization’s infrastructure will empower your staff to apply their time and resources to the activities that deliver the highest ROI (return on investment) to your organization.

Through our coordinated efforts to build communication and consensus across departments through business process mapping, optimization activities, and requirements analysis workshops, we provide visibility to the resources available within the organization as well identify business processes that are inefficient. We then conduct an assessment of strategic alignment between the technology investments and business priorities of the organization and make recommendations for improvements. Finally, we analyze the existing technology resources including GIS (Geographic Information System), databases, and spreadsheets then propose enterprise architecture designs that are integrated, scalable and secure, and support the implementation of simple and sustainable solutions for the organization.

These solutions will fully leverage the current investments of the organization and develop a roadmap for developing the analytics, performance metrics and document management solutions. In return, this will empower the decision makers with accurate intelligence that is developed from an integrated and holistic view of their operations and their data resources.

Our technology-supported Integrated Infrastructure Intelligence® approach provides our clients with the ability to think strategically and act tactically. This will extend the life of their existing infrastructure as well as target the investments for infrastructure improvements to provide the best return on investment for customers and citizens.


  • SaaS for managing and maintaining information
  • Systems integration
  • Project management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Document management
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Public information and executive dashboards

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