FDACS Food, Nutrition, and Wellness Division GIS web-based portal application

Florida's Roadmap to Living Healthy

In collaboration with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, EPIC is enabling Florida’s nearly 22 million residents to make smarter decisions about their health by providing a comprehensive GIS web-based portal. With this tool, known as Florida’s Roadmap to Healthy Living, users are able to explore and discover how nutrition correlates with other factors such as demographics, economics and location – empowering them on their journey towards healthier living. This user-friendly platform offers an interactive map that provides clear information both spatially and statistically in a mobile responsive environment clearly presenting information on an interactive map.

This innovative web based portal application is revolutionizing how citizens and stakeholders at every level across the state access, analyze and coordinate information related to health & nutrition. The development of this groundbreaking technological implementation will help open up a world of possibilities for healthier futures in Florida and beyond!

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services


Tallahassee, Florida


State and Local Governments



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