Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise – Needs Assessment, Design, and Implementation of Enterprise Data Repository Application

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) manages nearly 300 miles of toll roadway running north and south through the state of Florida. The FTE management team sought to document the existing state of data and data management activities for asset management tracking, reporting, and programming for many of their program areas including production, finance, and operations.

EPIC, as a team member of HNTB’s General Engineering Consultant team, performed the tasks of assessing and providing recommendations for optimization of FTE’s asset data collection and data management processes. Working in collaboration with FTE, program managers, and staff from Atkins and HNTB, EPIC conducted a comprehensive review, documentation, and analysis of the existing asset data sets and sources utilized by FTE, and the data management processes used to maintain the data.

The project resulted in the identification of opportunities for process optimization as well as technology-based solutions to enhance both data quality and the management of the data itself. This included the development of data governance plan and the phased implementation plan for the Enterprise Data Repository (EDR) solution. EDR is a web-based, GIS-driven tool to better access and utilize the substantial data collected and maintained throughout the enterprise. Based on the project recommendations, FTE authorized EPIC to design and implement the EDR application that serves as the central point of access to deliver information from various mission-critical enterprise information systems (Sources of Truth) and enable FTE to make informed business decisions.

EPIC designed and implemented a powerful and scalable solution platform that can readily grow to support the diverse business needs of this large organization managing critical infrastructure assets valued at over $6 billion.

The EDR framework is design to integrate multiple FDOT business systems including:

  • OMS Asset Management Solution
  • BrMS (Bridge Management System)
  • RWMS (Right of Way Management System)
  • RCI (Roadway Characteristics Inventory System)
  • GEV (Geographic Enterprise Viewer framework)
  • Work Program Data
  • Google KML Data Sources
  • Pavement Management System
  • Financial Management System
  • MOMS (Maintenance Operations Management System for Toll
  • Assets)
  • Document Management System
  • Signs Database
  • Pavement Markings Database