Orange County Utilities – Water Quality Application
Jan 03, 2020

Orange County Utilities – Water Quality Application

Orange County Utilities (OCU) identified the need for a Water Quality Application that could be used by Engineering, Planning, Water Quality, Production, and Distribution staff. This application would need to seamlessly access historical field water quality data, water quality modeling data, hydrant testing data, GIS data and related water distribution system data.

These data sets were made available through a GIS interface that would summarize historical water quality data and water quality model output including model predicted chlorine residuals and other key data to assist Water Quality staff with evaluating water quality results. Historical datasets are displayed as trends, statistics, and ranges for each existing OCU water quality sampling locations.

The application includes the following water quality modeling output:  water age, chlorine residual, pressure, flow, hydrant flows and pressures. These outputs are presented as intelligent and simple graphics and charts.