Polk County Utilities Capacity Management System

Polk County Utilities

Located approximately 60 miles south of the Orlando metropolitan area, Polk County Utilities provides 15.7 million gallons of drinking water, 7 million gallons of wastewater, and 5.4 million gallons of reclaimed water services to over 68,000 households and commercial customers, everyday.  PCU operates and maintains 45 water plants, 11 wastewater plants, over 290 wastewater lift stations and water pumping stations, and approximately 1100 miles of distribution and collection pipelines.  PCU management created a vision and an implementation plan to implement a seamless, integrated set of business applications that will help the PCU staff perform their activities more efficiently, improve customer service by responding to their needs quickly and prioritizing the response/repair activities efficiently.


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Polk County, FL



Web-based Capacity Management Tool

Workflow Automation

In order to manage the multiple facilities, assist with the regulatory compliance, and track capacity utilization, the County envisioned an enterprise web application that would facilitate the management of this critical operational information.  EPIC staff worked closely with PCU staff to develop a consistent numbering and naming protocol across all utility systems including the maintenance system, customer information system and PCU Master Database.  The system solution integrates with the County’s document management system to facilitate easy access to all compliance related documentation.


EPIC specialists collaborated with the PCU team to develop an extensive set of reports, including the Utilities Capacity Summary Report that provides a comprehensive overview of each water and wastewater treatment facility’s permitted capacity, capacity used, capacity committed and capacity available. This information is vital to the utilities management to make informed decisions. In order to manage the compliance requirements, the system supports creation of Compliance Items associated with each regulatory item or customer request. Compliance Conditions and associated Compliance Tasks for each item are automatically created to facilitate regulatory compliance. The tasks are displayed interactively in the application and reports are available to assist PCU staff in managing compliance activities.