Montana National Guard – UXO Dashboard
Jan 03, 2020

Montana National Guard – UXO Dashboard

EPIC partnered with RESPEC, a South Dakota-based engineering and science services firm to address the GIS application needs of the Montana Army National Guard (MTARNG) Long-term Management Strategy for Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) in the North Helena Valley, Montana. EPIC served as the web and GIS application design and development lead for this project.

Implementation of the Long-Term Management Strategy (LMS) for the North Helena Valley positions MTARNG for success in its UXO Program today and into the future. The tools that were implemented for the LMS will provide information needed to make critical UXO management decisions. Stakeholder involvement with the public and regulators creates a partnership with MTARNG to build consensus for determining the extent and method to conclude active clean-up and move into long-term management of the North Helena Valley.

Stakeholders in this effort included UXO subject matter experts, National Guard personnel, Department of Military Affairs (DMA) personnel, regulators, UXO contractors, RESPEC and EPIC staff, residents, landowners, and others who do business in the North Helena Valley.